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  • Keepguard no glow game camera with 13MP 1080P dual sensors
    Keepguard no glow game camera with 13MP 1080P dual sensors
    KW591 dual-lens camera is an excellent camera in every facet. Great pictures, good videos, extremely fast, long battery life, and easy to set up. With 940nm LED light, KW591 camera flash is no glow in dark night, it can work as a security camera as well. KW591 has two lenses, one for day shots and one for night shots. Having a dedicated night lens can potentially increase nighttime photo quality significantly.The dual lenses have made a noticeable difference on night pictures, producing more contrast and clarity. Day pictures are a real plus and display good color, contrast, and depth. Daytime video is up to 1080, the clarity of the video is sharp. KW591 captures outstanding picture and high quality video. Features1.Dual Camera Lens Technology - dedicated day and night lens made a noticeable difference, displays outstanding night picture and video quality, this to be most beneficial to night photos2.Display Color is True to Life - 1920x1080 Full HD videos with sound (5 sec.- 1 min. length), replay more clearly, smoothly; day 30M / night 8M photo resolution, the clarity of the lens is remarkable3. Fast and No False Triggers: 98 ft 54° detection angle in daytime; 82 ft 52 detection angle at night; picture trigger 0.4 s, video trigger 0.6s4. Powerful Invisible Infrared Flash: have adequate flash range Produce clear night vision in total darkness, perfect for animals that are easily spooked
  • Exhibitions
    Keepguard was built in 2003, in recent decades,  we have attended many exhibitions all over the world. 
  • Keepguard 20MP trail camera with micro-lens for short-distance shooting
    Keepguard 20MP trail camera with micro-lens for short-distance shooting
    Keepguard KG790 is a non-wireless trail camera which design to compatible with micro lens. After install the micro-lens, camera can be used for monitoring bird and take beautiful image or video with tiny details. It can aslo used for small animal's research, with the micro-lens, it can capture all the feathers clearly.Features1. Compatible with external micro lens2. 20MP max image and 1080p max video3. Programable video lenght4. 1-9 burst shooting
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