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wifi hunting camera

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People will be delighted that this product will help them get rid of smelly feet because it allows no proliferation of bacteria and fungi. .
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  • WIFI trail camera 0.25S trigger Night Vision with 940nm IR Lights 100ft IP67 Waterproof Wildlife Camera
    WIFI trail camera 0.25S trigger Night Vision with 940nm IR Lights 100ft IP67 Waterproof Wildlife Camera
    0.25STrigger: equipped with a ensitivity PIR motion monitoring system. WIFI Signal & APP Control: Supports 2.4Ghz wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. So you can directly view or download the trail camera photos & videos on the mobile phone. No monthly fee. No need to climb a tree to remove the camera.Easy to Install & Multiple Applications: Wildlife trail camera has multiple recording modes and functions beyond your expectations. You can easily browse or download photos or videos of hunting game camera on computer or smartphone via sd card reader. It's also very friendly for people who are not good at using gadgets. Ideal for trail hunting, home security, field research, wildlife monitoring, reconnaissance, and farm security.
  • Live-preview remote control wifi trail camera
    Live-preview remote control wifi trail camera
    Keepguard KW865 wifi trail camera has a built-in wifi route, which allow user to connect the camera to their APP on smart phone. Camera tranmit image and video to APP throught WIFI which no ask user to load a SIM card and don't requires any data, that will save lot of money for hunter who own this WIFI hunting camera. User can also remote shoot image and video by click a icon from APP, can also remote change setting from APP. That is a wonderful tool for every owner.Features1. Buil-in wifi route, no requires further wifi or data2. Free APP, no need other APP charge3. Max 1080P video and 30MP image4. IP67 waterproof5. Fast trigger time less than 0.3S6. 48pcs of 940nm LEDs
  • Outdoor 1080P 30MP 940nm no glow WIFI wild game trail hunting camera
    Outdoor 1080P 30MP 940nm no glow WIFI wild game trail hunting camera
    Keepguard KW865 WIFI trail camera allow you to connect and view a live video of animals, using your mobile phone. The app allows you to set up and control the trail camera on your mobile phone over WiFi. You can remotely adjust video resolution settings, video length, set times to record, view images or playback videos, see an indication of battery, and switch the camera on and off should you wish to. The WiFi trap camera will act as a WiFi hotspot without a need to be connected to the router, so camera can connect to your smartphone wherever.With WIFI wildlife cameras, you can observe and learn the behaviour of many species in your garden including birds, badgers, rabbits, foxes, and squirrels.FeatureFeature1. Live-preview2. 24MP new shape3. Wireless: Support WIFI4. 10 Language options5. IP67 waterproof6. The best night vision7. 940nm No-glow LEDs
  • Keepguard 30MP 1080P no glow Live-preview WIFI hunting camera
    Keepguard 30MP 1080P no glow Live-preview WIFI hunting camera
    KW865 wifi camera not hook to the internet. It works as a signal source like a router and creates an independent local WIFI network with an independent SSID, and only works with a smartphone through App.With the KW865 WIFI trail camera, you'll no longer need to climb and take the hunting camera off for viewing footage and checking pic shoot. Just download Guard WIFI App and connect with the built-in WIFI, you can adjust settings, view, and edit capture in seconds. Features1. 30MP full HD video & photo2. The best night vision3. Wireless: Support WIFI & Bluetooth4. 11 Language options5. IP67 waterproof6. Fast trigger time: Less than 0.25S7. The operation is simple.
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