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high-end hunting camera

You’re in the right place for high-end hunting camera.By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on KEEPGUARD.we guarantee that it’s here on KEEPGUARD.
The product has undergone rigorous testing during the trial production phase. .
We aim to provide the highest quality high-end hunting camera.for our long-term customers and we will actively cooperate with our customers to offer effective solutions and cost benefits.
  • Keepguard high-end HD trail camera for wildlife monitoring
    Keepguard high-end HD trail camera for wildlife monitoring
    KG795 is high quality wild camera which produced by Keepguard, with high-end DSP and high class lens sensor, KG795 can capture super DH image and video both day and night. KeepGuard KG795 Cam is one of the best scouting cameras available and is designed for long duration performance in the harshest outdoor environment. It is equipped with built-in infrared LEDs for incredible night vision images and can be triggered by movement 24 hours a day. The KeepGuard Cam Premium takes high quality full color daytime images or video with audio or covert infrared black and white nighttime images or video with audio.Features1. High-end DSP and lens sensor2. Super HD night picture and video3. Durable housing and parts4. Long standby time5 IP67
  • High cmos resolution 3MP dual-lens wildlife monitoring trail camera
    High cmos resolution 3MP dual-lens wildlife monitoring trail camera
    KG695 is a high-end wildlife trail camera, it has two separately sensors, one 13MP high pixel CMOS sensor for day time to capture high-resolution color pictures and video, while one 2MP CMOS sensor to capture sharp black and white pictures and video, with 48pcs of 940nm IR leds and high-end DSP, even at night, you can see the animals clearly. This dual-lens camera working extremely well, most of our clients were shocked by its nice and high definition effect. It is a wonderfull tool to record the wildlife animals. Thanks to its durable body, it performs well in all good weather and bad weather.Features:1. High pixel CMOS: 13MP for day and 2MP for night2. High-end DSP coordinate with high resolution sensor, this dual lens camera output super HD video and image3. Durable shell to make this dual-lens game camera work in all kinds of bad situations4. IP67 waterproof, even in heavy rain and snow winter, it still working perfect5. Long standby time
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