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  • Keepguard KW865 WIFI foreast wild animal trail camera
    Keepguard KW865 WIFI foreast wild animal trail camera
    KW865 wifi trail camera is launched by Keepguard brand. It is a wireless trail camera which no require to use SIM card or external wifi covered. This wifi trail camera has a built-in route, it can emission wifi signal to connect to APP on smart phone when you turn on WIFI on camera. After connect to APP on smartphone, you can live preview through APP, click icon on APP to captures image or video, check and download images/videos, change setting throught the APP. You can control your camera by your smart phone.Features1. Remote Control APP and Easy to Use: The deer cam comes with a free and easy to use App, trail camera sends picture to cell phone without removing the SD card, WiFi and Bluetooth control of the camera, allowing you to operate the camera more easily, you only need to stay within a 33ft signal range. 2. No Glow Invisible Night Vision: Game trail camara with night vision no glow, Ultra-low power 48pcs 940nm IR LEDs in low light and clear night vision in total darkness. The maximum detection distance of 85ft during the night.3. IP67 Waterproof and Dust-proof: The game cameras with night vision motion activated waterproof, can be used in -4~158℉ temperature, up to IP67 waterproof and dust-proof ensure this trail camera can work well in sunny day, rainy day and snow day.4. 30MP Sharper Image and 1080Native Video: The starlight-grade optical lens and advanced image sensor combine with finely tuned image technology. 
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